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Our Fees

PCFP is a firm of fee-based Independent Financial Advisers.

PCFP are happy to provide you with a Fixed Fee menu, detailing the charges for the particular area of advice you require. Alternatively, an hourly rate may be agreed.

Before PCFP provide any advice, a fee agreement must signed by you. Where products are used, you may instruct the product provider(s) to pay the fee direct to PCFP. 

All advice is provided to the client in a written report. Any financial products purchased are a consequence of the advice provided, and are only implemented once the client has provided further instruction to proceed, following receipt of a bespoke report from PCFP.

PCFP is not authorised to provide mortgage or any other loan related advice, nor on any form of general insurance. Mick will be pleased to refer you to a third party who is authorised to advise on mortgages, loans and general insurance.

Information about our fees and services will be given to you at our first meeting.