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PCFP : Independent Financial Adviser Bolton

Advice Process

PCFP is a fee based firm of Independent Financial Advisers.

Mick offers prospective clients a preliminary meeting, usually at their home or office. The meeting is at Mick's time and expense, as long as it is held during normal office hours within a reasonable distance from Harwood, and there is no obligation on either side.

If you wish to proceed, you will need to sign a fee agreement before Mick can provide any advice. If Mick cannot help you, a referral can be made to an appropriate professional to meet your needs.

PCFP provides advice by way of a detailed bespoke report, which can be posted or emailed to you. You then take as long as you need to consider the report. You can ask any questions you wish, usually at a second meeting. If you wish to implement any agreed recommendations, a second or third meeting may be required.

Most clients opt for annual reviews of their financial plan.