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Mick Norris - Owner

Looking at your pension options

Mick specialises in advising clients on their pension options at the point of retirement, and has dealt with complex pension advice for 30 years. Mick has been providing investment and tax planning advice for over 20 years and long-term care advice for over 15 years. Mick has been providing expert reports on pensions and divorce, for solicitors and their clients, for 20 years and been involved in pension transfer advice for over 25 years.


Mick won the 2002 Scottish Equitable/Chartered Insurance Institute K10 Retirement Options Merit Award.

Mick is a Chartered Financial Planner, having been awarded the prestigious title in October 2007. The title is considered to be the gold standard amongst Financial Advisers, and is based on exam success and adherence to the strict CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) code of conduct and ethics.

About Mick

Mick lives with his teenage daughter Kristin (and her rabbit Bob) in Egerton, Bolton. He was President of the Manchester Chess Federation from July 2010 to June 2014, and is still an active player in the county and national league teams.

In the small amount of spare time that remains, Mick enjoys reading, walking, swimming and watching Bury FC.


Chartered Financial Planner, APFS, BSc (Hons) Mathematics

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